Kegels? whispered

Kegels?  Yes, whispered.  And guys!  Don’t tune out so fast.  These are for you to do too.

Google kegel exercises, the benefits listed are mega many!  Too many to blog about here.  So, suffice it to say that:  I have had 3 kids, and  I am at what many would consider to be an advanced age.  (some would, some would not) Everyday gravity attempts to have its way with my lower body.  I counter with kegels!

100 kegels everyday.  At least.  I do 10 sets of 10, holding each kegel for 5 seconds or longer.  Smile as you squeeze.  Sing!  Maybe silently if you are out and about, but do it.  My body loves it when I sing.  The 5 seconds feels shorter too!

You could do 100 kegels a day too.  Do them no matter how young you are and whether you’ve given birth or not.  Guys too!  They are completely unobtrusive.  Lying down, sitting up, standing in line at the grocery store, find your opportunities.  Not necessarily all 100 at once, but do them everyday, even on Christmas!  Your (lower) body, and quite possibly, your lover, will thank you.  Mine do.  (guys?)  Yes, kegels, whispered are that powerful.

I am doing them right now!



Guys?  Gals?  Do you ped-dy?

Do you?  Our lives are fraught with hurrying, and scurrying and who is it that gets us where we are going?  Those pups you push into shoes everyday. They deserve to be appreciated!   And you deserve to have some hands on fun!

For poignant pampering I slip into my own sumptuous bathroom to spend a half an hour with the two who carry me through.

Run an inch or two of very hot water in the bathtub or into a, ready for your feet, pan.

Sit. Dip.  And then splash!  Feel the steamy water reach between every bone and tendon as they drink the heat in. Aahh there is that sep-ar-a-tion, and expansion. Your whole body relaxes.  Breathe.  Grasp one foot and rub vigorously with an exfoliating sponge or wash cloth.  Use the beauty soap right here, right now.   Guys too, it smells yummy!   Do the other foot.  By now the hot water has cooled. Drain it and fill it again, hot!  Immerse your feet again.  Say aahhh!  Rub one then the other.   Roll the ankle around.  Squeeze, manipulate and twist the fleshy parts.  Poke between the toes!  Rub!  Feel that tingle?  It is life giving circulation refreshing, and feeding the hungry two who do so much for you.   Mile after mile, day after day, year in and year out they are there to hold you up and to make your best shoes look great!  Thank you feet for all you do for me!

Now, pat dry with a fluffy towel.  How good does that feel?  But that’s nothin’!  Wait till we get to the last step (hahhahha last step!) Push the cuticles back with the towel and I use a callous remover to get rid of the dead skin on the heels and around the balls of the foot.

Emblazoned with love and attention, your feet are ready for the finale!  Dot your palms with tea tree oil.  Rub together and then envelope one foot then the other with your hands.  Amazing!   Pause, ABSORB!  Be grateful.  Our feet do so much for us.


Not so snarky!

I was in the grocery store today.  I pushed my laden cart into the shortest checkout line.  Ahead of me I heard a heated conversation going on between the cashier, her bag boy and a customer.  “My dad takes $1000 worth of prescription medications every month, and Medicare only pays half!”  “My mom has breathing problems and the doctors have run 20 different tests. They can’t find anything wrong!”  “I don’t know what to do, we all are not getting any younger!”

Have you heard people express these sorts of pain to each other?   My hearts aches with pangs of sympathy for people that are suffering, and I’ll bet yours does too – what can we do?

That last woman’s statement really got to me.  She spoke as if we all are doomed to be ill and at the mercy of doctors and pharmaceuticals and insurance companies as we get older!  How can I not be snarky here and serve you, kind reader?  Because, I am sure you can guess that not one of these 3 staters of the facts seemed healthy to me.  Even the 20 or so year old bag boy was at least 30 pounds overweight.  This cashier and customer seemed to relegate themselves to an awful fate of hopelessness.

All of this begs the question: why are unhealthy people unhealthy?  Genetics?  Circumstance?  Well, OK, maybe sometimes.  But, how about- usually, it’s our choices.

How can I convey a message to the world that goes against what is on the TV and everywhere we drive, that says it is okay to do things that are very bad for our health?  Why are we so upset when we talk to each other about all the suffering that obesity leads to?  I think people feel like they don’t have choices.

Aahh!  But we do!  Great choices for a healthier lifestyle are everywhere!  It is just that we have to look beyond the Burger King to find the produce stand.  There is a choice to make between high fat and high sugar goodies and eating the whole foods that truly support our health.  My kids would eat chocolate chip pancakes every day if I let them!   It is labor intensive to cut up the veggies and cook everyday!  I think it is worth it.  My girls are learning.

We all know and love someone who is embroiled in their own health care horror story.  What can we do to help?  I think it is important not to judge someone’s lifestyle choices.  My teenage daughters worship Steak and Shake, so I have practice everyday with this life-giving concept. We always have some healthy choices available to us every day – we just have to choose them.  We can encourage each other!

I am here to be an example of making good choices for my health and my contagious wellness!  Mahatma Gandi said, “Be the change you want to see.”   I like this idea.  Join me and be the change you want to see.

Jump for fun and profit!

My shoulder hurt.  That spot just between the shoulder-blade and the lower neck.  For me it is always the left side.  Why never the right?  Do you have a pain like this?  My fingers know exactly how to dig into the flesh there to release the “crunchies”.  You know the crunchies.  They pop when the sore spot is accessed by the fingers.  Instant relief!  But it is fleeting.  After a few digs in, the ache just aches more.  Sip some water.  What to do?  I remember what those “crunchies” really are.  Do  you know?  Yep, a toxin deposit right there.  It hurts!  Sip some water.

I have a few spots in my body where I have painful toxin build up.  This left shoulder pain has come and gone for years.  It feels awful!  It is a nagging pain that ibuprofen doesn’t touch.  Have you ever felt this way?  Where does it hurt?

I found a solution.  I jump on a rebounder!  Jumping just 10 minutes a day keeps my body mostly pain-free.  This is a bold claim.  I can hardly believe that I am stating this.  But it’s true.  Oh yes, I haven’t jumped on the rebounder in a couple of days!  Sip some water.

Ten minutes of jumping up and down is all it takes to jostle my body enough to free those nasty toxins that get stuck in the tissues.  Sip some water.  Water carries them away to where my system does what it does to get rid of waste.

The effect of jumping on the rebounder is cellular!  How about that?   Yes!  One current theory that makes a lot of sense to me states that as you jump up and down the contents of every cell are hurled against the cellular wall causing it to regurgitate its contents.  Empty now, the cell craves!  It reaches for fresh nutrients.  Sip some water.

Today my shoulder hurt.  I”ll admit I  tried to talk myself out jumping.  “I don’t feel like getting sweaty.”  “The kids will be home in a few minutes.”  “Blah, blah, blah!”  My shoulder hurt!  A bit more of squeezing the crunchies told me what I already knew.  “Get on the jumpy Shayla!”  Thank you my beautiful mind!  I set the kitchen timer and I hopped on.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous.  Just gently up and down, one foot to the other, back and forth.  My rebounder came with a diagrammed workout, but I have never done it.   I have mine set up in a big window.  I turn up the music or I move it over to indulge in a little TV.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  That’s what my kids say.  Sip some water.