Jump for fun and profit!

My shoulder hurt.  That spot just between the shoulder-blade and the lower neck.  For me it is always the left side.  Why never the right?  Do you have a pain like this?  My fingers know exactly how to dig into the flesh there to release the “crunchies”.  You know the crunchies.  They pop when the sore spot is accessed by the fingers.  Instant relief!  But it is fleeting.  After a few digs in, the ache just aches more.  Sip some water.  What to do?  I remember what those “crunchies” really are.  Do  you know?  Yep, a toxin deposit right there.  It hurts!  Sip some water.

I have a few spots in my body where I have painful toxin build up.  This left shoulder pain has come and gone for years.  It feels awful!  It is a nagging pain that ibuprofen doesn’t touch.  Have you ever felt this way?  Where does it hurt?

I found a solution.  I jump on a rebounder!  Jumping just 10 minutes a day keeps my body mostly pain-free.  This is a bold claim.  I can hardly believe that I am stating this.  But it’s true.  Oh yes, I haven’t jumped on the rebounder in a couple of days!  Sip some water.

Ten minutes of jumping up and down is all it takes to jostle my body enough to free those nasty toxins that get stuck in the tissues.  Sip some water.  Water carries them away to where my system does what it does to get rid of waste.

The effect of jumping on the rebounder is cellular!  How about that?   Yes!  One current theory that makes a lot of sense to me states that as you jump up and down the contents of every cell are hurled against the cellular wall causing it to regurgitate its contents.  Empty now, the cell craves!  It reaches for fresh nutrients.  Sip some water.

Today my shoulder hurt.  I”ll admit I  tried to talk myself out jumping.  “I don’t feel like getting sweaty.”  “The kids will be home in a few minutes.”  “Blah, blah, blah!”  My shoulder hurt!  A bit more of squeezing the crunchies told me what I already knew.  “Get on the jumpy Shayla!”  Thank you my beautiful mind!  I set the kitchen timer and I hopped on.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous.  Just gently up and down, one foot to the other, back and forth.  My rebounder came with a diagrammed workout, but I have never done it.   I have mine set up in a big window.  I turn up the music or I move it over to indulge in a little TV.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  That’s what my kids say.  Sip some water.


One Response to “Jump for fun and profit!”

  1. Wayne Says:


    Great article! Inspires me to write more regarding all of the great information that I know about health and nutrition!

    Congrats! You are a blogger now!!!

    This web below is the format I am toying with on my blog. Instead of having different pages on my blog I have different categories. This way all of my posts can be found on one page. I can also send people to just one category on my blog or they can surf different categories like they were different pages.

    The Monster Drink web/blog is a little different as most of the posts are done automatically and daily that relate to the Monster Drink Industry. Plug ins for Word Press Direct do this automatically for me. I just post a couple of articles per week and practice my search engine optimization skills. The theory is that when traffic is driven to this web they might click one of the links that leads them to a squeeze page and they might just buy something healthy. Still have lots of work to do but it is a start.


    Thanks again for sharing and I’m sure we can compare notes and cut the learning curve. Have an awesome weekend and keep on blogging!!!


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