Not so snarky!

I was in the grocery store today.  I pushed my laden cart into the shortest checkout line.  Ahead of me I heard a heated conversation going on between the cashier, her bag boy and a customer.  “My dad takes $1000 worth of prescription medications every month, and Medicare only pays half!”  “My mom has breathing problems and the doctors have run 20 different tests. They can’t find anything wrong!”  “I don’t know what to do, we all are not getting any younger!”

Have you heard people express these sorts of pain to each other?   My hearts aches with pangs of sympathy for people that are suffering, and I’ll bet yours does too – what can we do?

That last woman’s statement really got to me.  She spoke as if we all are doomed to be ill and at the mercy of doctors and pharmaceuticals and insurance companies as we get older!  How can I not be snarky here and serve you, kind reader?  Because, I am sure you can guess that not one of these 3 staters of the facts seemed healthy to me.  Even the 20 or so year old bag boy was at least 30 pounds overweight.  This cashier and customer seemed to relegate themselves to an awful fate of hopelessness.

All of this begs the question: why are unhealthy people unhealthy?  Genetics?  Circumstance?  Well, OK, maybe sometimes.  But, how about- usually, it’s our choices.

How can I convey a message to the world that goes against what is on the TV and everywhere we drive, that says it is okay to do things that are very bad for our health?  Why are we so upset when we talk to each other about all the suffering that obesity leads to?  I think people feel like they don’t have choices.

Aahh!  But we do!  Great choices for a healthier lifestyle are everywhere!  It is just that we have to look beyond the Burger King to find the produce stand.  There is a choice to make between high fat and high sugar goodies and eating the whole foods that truly support our health.  My kids would eat chocolate chip pancakes every day if I let them!   It is labor intensive to cut up the veggies and cook everyday!  I think it is worth it.  My girls are learning.

We all know and love someone who is embroiled in their own health care horror story.  What can we do to help?  I think it is important not to judge someone’s lifestyle choices.  My teenage daughters worship Steak and Shake, so I have practice everyday with this life-giving concept. We always have some healthy choices available to us every day – we just have to choose them.  We can encourage each other!

I am here to be an example of making good choices for my health and my contagious wellness!  Mahatma Gandi said, “Be the change you want to see.”   I like this idea.  Join me and be the change you want to see.


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