Guys?  Gals?  Do you ped-dy?

Do you?  Our lives are fraught with hurrying, and scurrying and who is it that gets us where we are going?  Those pups you push into shoes everyday. They deserve to be appreciated!   And you deserve to have some hands on fun!

For poignant pampering I slip into my own sumptuous bathroom to spend a half an hour with the two who carry me through.

Run an inch or two of very hot water in the bathtub or into a, ready for your feet, pan.

Sit. Dip.  And then splash!  Feel the steamy water reach between every bone and tendon as they drink the heat in. Aahh there is that sep-ar-a-tion, and expansion. Your whole body relaxes.  Breathe.  Grasp one foot and rub vigorously with an exfoliating sponge or wash cloth.  Use the beauty soap right here, right now.   Guys too, it smells yummy!   Do the other foot.  By now the hot water has cooled. Drain it and fill it again, hot!  Immerse your feet again.  Say aahhh!  Rub one then the other.   Roll the ankle around.  Squeeze, manipulate and twist the fleshy parts.  Poke between the toes!  Rub!  Feel that tingle?  It is life giving circulation refreshing, and feeding the hungry two who do so much for you.   Mile after mile, day after day, year in and year out they are there to hold you up and to make your best shoes look great!  Thank you feet for all you do for me!

Now, pat dry with a fluffy towel.  How good does that feel?  But that’s nothin’!  Wait till we get to the last step (hahhahha last step!) Push the cuticles back with the towel and I use a callous remover to get rid of the dead skin on the heels and around the balls of the foot.

Emblazoned with love and attention, your feet are ready for the finale!  Dot your palms with tea tree oil.  Rub together and then envelope one foot then the other with your hands.  Amazing!   Pause, ABSORB!  Be grateful.  Our feet do so much for us.



One Response to “Footsies”

  1. Daniel Eller Says:

    I may not go so far as to douse my feet with oils and other warm, funny smelling “goodies”, but I do love your appreciation for those two little guys (or gals) that get us by day in and day out.

    I’ll stick with the warm water. However, I’m a guy so this should be expected. I’ll leave all “yummy” beauty soaps and exfoliating sponges to you ladies 🙂

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