Begin your meditation practice with grounding

I recently learned something new about meditation that has enhanced my practice immensely! It is the incorporation of the simple idea of grounding.

When I “ground” myself, I find that I can expand my consciousness more. And I can sit cross-legged on the cushion for the full 10 or 20 minute session. (before I tried this, I really couldn’t)

I had done meditations with the chakra system many times before. And I liked it, but I never was compelled to do it over and over. As with any meditation, sometimes it feels absolutely orgasmic! And sometimes it is just okay. I am finding that if I ground myself at the beginning, more often, I have an experience that will make sure I choose to take this time for myself to meditate everyday.

The root chakra is the scarlet colored one at the very base of the body. To ground myself at the beginning of my meditation, I imagine that I am lighting it up brightly with my breath! I see the red blood flow behind my eyes. I remember how embers glow when they have air blown on them in a hot fire. I squeeze my perineum and I see red!

Once I can feel my root chakra radiating, I remember that the center of the earth is molten lava, burning red! I imagine my root chakra reaching down to merge with this red center. It hears me beckoning and sends it’s lava flow up to touch me, to serve me. We are connected. I am one with the earth and I am one with all beings whose blood is red. I assimilate!

Now I am free to let go of anything that I do not need or want in my life. There is comfort in knowing we, red-blooded humans are all alike in this need to release. I allow those ideas, things, ways of thinking, whatever I choose here to drop away into the molten lava. The ashes will be deposited onto the earth somewhere to enrich it. And the smoke carries away my guilt.

Rhythmic breathing makes room in my body, and in my mind for the best part! This is the whole reason I have lit that candle, closed my thumbs and forefingers together and put my buns on that cushion. Expansion! And with my vessel stretched wide open, I can fill it with all the ideas, things, people, situations, and ways of thinking that I want.

Sometimes I am very glad I set the timer, because I feel like otherwise, I would never come down. Other days, well, when I am done, I am done. All is well here and there is always tomorrow!