Kegels? whispered

Kegels?  Yes, whispered.  And guys!  Don’t tune out so fast.  These are for you to do too.

Google kegel exercises, the benefits listed are mega many!  Too many to blog about here.  So, suffice it to say that:  I have had 3 kids, and  I am at what many would consider to be an advanced age.  (some would, some would not) Everyday gravity attempts to have its way with my lower body.  I counter with kegels!

100 kegels everyday.  At least.  I do 10 sets of 10, holding each kegel for 5 seconds or longer.  Smile as you squeeze.  Sing!  Maybe silently if you are out and about, but do it.  My body loves it when I sing.  The 5 seconds feels shorter too!

You could do 100 kegels a day too.  Do them no matter how young you are and whether you’ve given birth or not.  Guys too!  They are completely unobtrusive.  Lying down, sitting up, standing in line at the grocery store, find your opportunities.  Not necessarily all 100 at once, but do them everyday, even on Christmas!  Your (lower) body, and quite possibly, your lover, will thank you.  Mine do.  (guys?)  Yes, kegels, whispered are that powerful.

I am doing them right now!