A Pod of Whales

Imagine what it would be like to swim in a pod of whales!  Feel the beautiful water gliding over my skin. Hear the breathing of my “family” so near me.  All of us together with a similar intent and destination.

As we began in yoga class, I set my intention with the first utterance in my head,  “Enjoy your body Shayla.“

I was fortunate to be situated in between 2 audible breathers! Hearing their breath, moving in and out helped me get to a place in my practice, deep and tender.  The belonging I felt is so sacred, is so sacred. I felt invincible, like my body was made for what I was doing.

The ujjayi breath I heard from my fellow yoga students is the transformative part of a great yoga experience that you just don’t get from practicing alone. The back of the throat heats the incoming air.  The lungs more easily utilize the oxygen there in.  And the body better responds to commands from the nervous system.  There is that feeling of ease.

Many yoga instructors do prompt their students to breath in and out when appropriate throughout the class.  I am used to that.  But as much as I reach to make my ujjayi breath audible, mostly I cannot hear it, not even from my own throat.

Hearing that breath and feeling the accompanying stimulation from the heightened energy made me feel vastly human and supremely divine at the same time.  (which is what we are! another blog, perhaps) I was sure I could hear my own breath too!

As we exited the yoga class, my boyfriend exclaimed, “Wow! you look amazing!”  I felt amazing!  I had been completely immersed in my yoga class environment.  With the audible uji breath and the elevated energy, the ease of movement, I felt like I had swum in a pod of whales!